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Cody's Partner Program is a High-Converting 'Content Machine' Offer With HUGE Earning Potential

Earn $498.50 Per Sale | 50% Commission

What Is The Content Machine?

Simply put, the Content Machine shows you exactly how to leverage product users and creators to create content for you can save time by not creating content, you can save money, and most importantly you can sell more stuff!

Every Big Brand Leverages The UGC Method

  • Leverage users to create content for you

  • Use raw and authentic content to reach new audiences

  • Much cheaper than doing it yourself or hiring agencies

Industry-Proof Model, Works For Everything

  • Every single industry is leveraging video to make money

  • Easily deploy mass content at scale by leveraging creators

  • FACT: 90% of people prefer consuming video content

Create Budget-Friendly Content In No Time

  • We provide Hook/Story/Offer Templates

  • We show you exactly how to find and pay creators

  • We show you how to leverage happy customers to create content

Why Promote This Program?

  • Big Commissions- The $997 price point will help you skyrocket your commissions.

  • Business Opportunity- Have a cell phone? That's all you need to start making money.

  • Fast Payouts- Promote our product and get paid in under 15 days.

About the creator

Cody Neer, 8 figure earner

Cody Neer started his journey building’s paid social strategy to launch sales to their .com and gaining users for their App, Cartwheel. Since leaving Target, he has built, grown, and scaled multiple 6-7 figure online businesses across multiple industries.

He’s achieved multiple Clickfunnels 2-Comma Club awards for earning over $1,000,000+ in sales in his businesses using funnels.

He’s the founder of the eCommerce Brand Academy where he shares his tactics and strategies for building wildly profitable eCommerce businesses.

He is the Author of Ecommerce Secrets: The Untold Truth About Selling Online

He is also the founder of The Vegas Mastermind, an event focused on a combination of networking and tactical business advice.

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